Fast fashion, which is when inexpensive clothing is made to meet the demands of what is in style at the time, is threatening our future because it is harming our environment.

The importance of sustainable fashion steps in here and makes us want to consider if our clothing is made to last, limiting the amount of wasted fabric in production, or aware of the environmental impact from fabric production.

If you are unsure of where to buy sustainable clothing or want to learn more about what it is exactly, these blogs can help guide you in the right direction.

1. Ecocult

Ecocult founder Alden Wicker, who is based in Brooklyn, used to be a freelance writer for some major fashion publications such as Glamour and Refinery 29. Her blog is about different clothing items that are sustainable, sustainable clothing you can pack with you when traveling, what brands use toxins when making their clothing, where to shop for sustainable clothing and how brands are trying to be more sustainable.

2. Sustainably Chic

A Florida Native, Natalie Kay started Sustainably Chic in 2014. She has an extensive background in working in the fashion industry. Natalie believes this blog is a place where fashion can exist responsibly, so we can enjoy the art and love behind the things we wear and use everyday.

Her blog focuses on not just sustainable fashion but also green beauty and eco lifestyle. Some topics she writes about are ethical brands that give back with each purchase, minimalist clothing brands and a more sustainable fashion shopper.

3. Indie Getup

Brandon Dendas was a freelance digital marketer before he founded Indie Getup. He believes in solving problems for growing local businesses.

He started this blog to create a solution that would make it easier for clothing brands and people all over America to connect with one another. The blog specifically focuses on sustainable menswear and gives guides or alternatives in place of fast fashion.

4. Seasons + Salt

Inspired by growing up in trendy Portland, Andrea started Seasons + Salt. She used to work as a photographer and also worked in the tourism industry. Jen believes style is a personal journey — an intentional, thoughtful journey that brings out the best in the person wearing each outfit and the best in the people behind each garment.

The blog was made to share sustainable, ethical and independent designers. It shows different lookbooks and writes about how to style sustainable fashion pieces and where exactly to shop for them.

5. Style Destino

Style Destino was started in 2011 , who is a vegan trying to adjust to sustainable living. Shruti believes fashion is not above someone’s life, and it is irresponsible when someone makes a fashion choice that involves taking a poor animal’s life or inflicting cruelty on any living being.

She also believes in style that has a conscience. In her blog, she writes about vegan lifestyles, vegan fashion, ethical fashion, jewelry and online sustainable fashion stores.

6. The Green Hub

The Green Hub, a collection of Kira Simpson’s own experiences, tips and advice, as well as how she is still learning to navigate this thing called sustainable living. She believes small actions can make a big difference, and how we can make our own lifestyle choices to create the future we want. In the blog, she shares brands, research, guides and practical tips to help you make lifestyle choices that are kinder to people and the planet.

7. The Sustainable Edit

Jen started this blog and she is from Scotland. She strongly believes in choosing quality over quantity and living a simple, sustainable life. Jen also wants to show others it is possible to enjoy life’s little luxuries in a more natural and sustainable way. In addition to covering sustainable and ethical fashion, her blog dives into green beauty, natural home products and simple living.

8. tortoise and lady grey

Summer Edwards established this blog in 2012 and it focuses on slow fashion and sustainable style. She writes about the textiles of sustainable clothing and non-sustainable clothing, as well as the differences between the two.

She also gives steps on how to create a sustainable wardrobe, including the environmental impacts of certain materials that are normally used to make clothing. Her blog stands apart by listing every article of clothing you can buy that is sustainable.

9. Adimay

The founder of Adimay is Aditi Mayer, who is a frequent speaker on topics such as social and environmental justice in fashion, minority representation, responsible storytelling and more.

She focuses not only on fashion, but conscious travel and living as well. Along with blogging, she works as a photojournalist, filmmaker and creative consultant, living up to her mission of pushing a socially conscious and sustainable slant in all of her endeavors.

10. Restichstance

Cat Chiang created Restitchstance and is from California. This is a sustainable and ethical style blog where fast fashion consumers can become eco and ethical fashion experts. Before this blog, Cat used to design and make her own clothing. The blog aims to make slow fashion and living exciting, accessible and inclusive through education and inspiration.

11. Sustainable Fashion Matterz

How many bloggers can say they have 18 years of experience in the fashion industry? Before Cherie Birkner started blogging, she was the creative director of a fast fashion company. Now she is globally recognized as an expert in sustainable fashion.

Her blog’s goal is to create networks of educated individuals who use their knowledge to steer the fashion industry in a more sustainable direction. She writes about different ethical brands you can find throughout the world, and she educates her readers on sustainable practices in the fashion industry.