Chic and Comfy Sweater And Skirt Combos

The crisp autumn breeze has us running to our closets for the coziest sweaters. This season, pair your favourite knits with a skirt for a playful and feminine look. With infinite combinations of texture, contrast and fit, we’ll show you how this look is sure to brighten even the rainiest day .

When you think of autumn, do you immediately think of layering? So do we. The typical cooler shades and earth-tones seem to mix together magically, and also let you indulge by piling on all your favourite pieces. Together, a skirt and sweater can provide the perfect basis to incorporate your treasured autumn accessories in a fresh way.

  • Have a legwear moment. Tights and leggings offer a great opportunity to experiment with colours, patterns and lace. If you’ve been reading the Pantone report, imagine the lovely contrast of Airy BlueRiversideAurora Red or Dusty Cedar with your basic greys and browns.
  • Wear your coveted over-the-knee boots with a miniskirt and large knit sweater. Forget the tights with this look and leave a tiny peek of thigh between skirt and boot.
  • Super-thick wool socks can actually make your legs look slimmer. Go bohemian: layer a sweater and longer, flowing skirt with bare legs and big socks bunched up around your ankles.
  • Tie a sweater around your shoulders or waist. Wear a preppy sweater around the shoulders with your office uniform of a collared shirt and pencil skirt. Alternatively, a chunky sweater tied around the waist of a skirt gives a warm, casual feel.
  • If you love vintage, you probably frequent second-hand stores. Oversized sweaters with extra-long sleeves are in—try checking the men’s section for inexpensive and unexpected finds.
  • If you’re doubting the selection of skirts in your wardrobe, reach for a dress instead. A simple cotton tank dress looks cool and laid-back under a big sweater.

Balance is key. Basically, choose the features you want to emphasize, and harmonize the look by downplaying other elements. This means a short or skin-tight skirt will look better with a heavier, looser sweater. Conversely, the volume of an A-Line or maxi skirt can be offset by a wearing a fitted cardigan or turtleneck. Equilibrium is essential for colour and texture as well. A monochrome skirt will balance the bold pattern of a sweater, while a simpler knit sweater will look great with an embellished skirt.

  • Try a long cardigan. A lengthier style of cardigan (think mid-thigh or longer) can be paired with a short, slim skirt. Even better if the cardigan hangs past the skirt, and wear it open or unbuttoned for a stylish effect.
  • Wear an oversized scarf, wrap or horse blanket over a fitted black, or other monochrome sweater. A slim top balances the volume of the scarf, and will look great with any style of skirt.
  • To make your legs look longer, wear a short cropped sweater with a flirty pleated or ballerina skirt that fits up around the waist.
  • For an eighties inspired ensemble, embrace the off-the-shoulder sweater trend and add a leather miniskirt, or one embellished with sequins or fringe.
  • Look artistic and mellow by wearing a big knit poncho with a corduroy mini and chunky brown boots.

Daytime or evening, feel comfy and look enchanting in a sweater and skirt. Incorporate trends of the season, like open weaves, translucency, florals, metallics and ultra-casual gym sweatshirts. Whether you’re headed to class, an important meeting or a tranquil Sunday brunch, these ideas will put a spring in your step.

  • For a flattering and versatile look, wear an oversized oatmeal-coloured knit top with a simple grey tube skirt and translucent black hosiery or tights. Dress up these neutrals by adding a sparkly statement necklace or tall boots.
  • Try a turtleneck under your go-to jean jacket. Along with a short A-line skirt and high-heeled ankle boots, this look is girlish and classic.
  • Don’t put your sneakers away quite yet– for a sporty streetwear vibe, combine your Adidas with a maxi skirt and bomber jacket.
  • Channel your inner fifties babe with a circle skirt and cardigan. Style it with a high pony tail, and your classiest kitten heels or sling backs.
  • For date night, look playful in a graphic cotton crewneck, along with a leather mini and bright contrast ankle booties.
  • Love animal prints? Wear a sleek animal print skirt with a black sweater and comfy Sherpa-lined boots for casual glamour.
  • To look sweet and sensual, get dolled up in a plush cream-coloured sweater with a satin skirt in a pastel shade such as blush or light blue.

This winter, give your leggings a break and go for the ease and vogue of a skirt + sweater combo. Are you a miniskirt girl or a queen of the fit-and-flare? Let us know your favourite way to style and accessorize a skirt and sweater.