Journey From "Mom To Be" To A "Mom"




“Oh, okay, am I actually pregnant” was my first expression after the “Home” test showed those famous anecdotal 2 lines (positive test). It was a weekend and my husband was lying on the bed gaming on his phone which was his usual weekend time-pass then. Hearing the news he immediately jumped off the bed to hug me and we both were confused and at a loss of the words. Sometimes it’s the silence that speaks a thousand unsaid words. It was a moment where I experienced plethora of emotions simultaneously be it joy, excitement, nervousness, exuberance and 

Looking back, I still can’t decipher if I was more nervous than happy when I first came to know that I am pregnant.

Each pregnancy is different and unique, each female faces different challenges and eventually finds a way to deal with them and conquer them thereby saving them a lifetime of memories.

However one of the common challenges that I have seen is how to keep yourself fit and increase your endurance for the upcoming delivery.

I feel there are 3 factors that play a major role:

  1. Diet

The most important of all the factors is the food you consume. It is imperative that you would have to take cognizance of your eating habits. The questions that you would need to ask everyday is whether you have received required nutrition for the day. The Diet I followed is

Foods to avoid-

  • Maida
  • Fish with high Mercury content
  • Papaya
  • Packaged foods.
  • Tea, potato and sweets

Must have

  • Sprouts
  • Banana
  • Protein powder only if your doctor suggests
  • Coconut water
  • Seasonal fruits
  • 1 cup of coffee or tea allowed in a day
  • Fruits in the evening
  • Use millet instead of wheat
  • Egg
  • Cottage Cheese (Paneer)

I had to stop direct intake of sugar from the 6th month of my pregnancy since I had formed gestational diabetes. Do not worry if you too have it. This is temporary and would auto disappear post the delivery. I have already started consuming sugar after my delivery.

  1. Exercise

This is strictly based on your Doctor's advice. If your doctor permits, you can leisure walk on a daily basis for 1/half an hour. From the seventh month, you can opt for Yoga as well.

Yoga comes with its underlying advantage as well. This not only helps in better movement of the baby but also helps in making our pelvic strong enough for normal delivery.

Various breathing exercises in yoga help in increasing endurance, rejuvenate and help redirect the energy within the body.

  1. Positive Attitude and Mindset

This plays the most important role during this entire period. Always say to yourself that this is a temporary period and God has chosen you to bring a new life to the planet.

Stay away from people whom you don’t like and avoid meaningless discussions with everyone including your partner and the family. The positive attitude definitely helps in the long run by not only helping you during your pregnancy times but it’s going to make the journey of your life go even smoother

You must be also ready on the mode of the delivery i.e. you opting for c section surgery or normal delivery.

For normal delivery, you must prepare your mind about the labor pain before the sweet news arrives there. It is absolutely if you cry or yell during the time of the delivery. Always remember that the doctors and nurses that time will be the most helpful and supportive alongside your family. They would be going through the same pain albeit not physical.

It is intriguing how a female changes not only physically but more emotionally while on this spectacular journey. This journey changes you drastically as a person. I never knew I could be as possessive about someone as I became for my little one. I never knew I am so capable of caring so much for a person. Yet here I am enjoying myself with my little one.