Kehlani announced that she was pregnant on Instagram this past fall (in a since-deleted post) with a photo showing off her four-month-old baby bump. She’s shared a few snapshots documenting her pregnancy since then, though has kept a relatively low profile on the whole. In an Instagram that she posted at the end November, the 23-year-old singer elaborated on that decision. “Been hesitant to be all preggo on instagram because it seems to invoke some kind of crazy negativity in a lot of people and I want to protect mine and her energy alike,” read the caption under the selfie of the six-months-pregnant singer in a body-hugging mustard dress.

As her due date nears, though, Kehlani seems increasingly comfortable giving her followers some glimpses at her pregnancy. Earlier today, she posted a series of intimate portraits, all of which proudly display her growing belly and an approach to maternity dressing that is all her own. Kehlani and her photographer friend, Aris Jerome, decided to shoot the photos just a few days ago. “At the top of this year she had told me she hadn’t had a shoot for her pregnancy yet, so we aimed for the next day,” Jerome told Vogue in an email.

Jerome and Kehlani shot the portraits at Kehlani’s home using her own wardrobe; the R & B singer even did her own hair and her makeup. The resulting series features three quietly powerful self-styled looks. In the first image she is cross-legged on her bed like a bohemian deity, in an off-the-shoulder copper-color Bronté crop top that reveals the intricate web of tattoo designs running from her neck to her fingertips. A collection of witchy accessories sits on her duvet—sage, crystals, et cetera. In another, she appears practically angelic, dressed in a white bandeau with a gauzy white cape draped over her shoulders—not a pair of maternity jeans or baggy leggings in sight! Pregnancy style has surely never looked as ethereal as this.