You will probably get away with using your regular or low-cut underwear as you go through the first months of pregnancy. Some even get by their entire pregnancy without buying maternity panties—but with many compromises on their comfort. Even when your regular undies still feel like they fit around your growing bump, there are reasons why it is worth investing in underwear that is made and designed especially for pregnancy.

The body goes through a great deal of change to make way for your new baby. Maternity panties are specially made for your growing bump, expanding hips, and butt, making sure that you stay comfortable even as you move around. They stay in place more snuggly and comfortably than regular underwear and are typically made with seamless edging so as not to create painful marks where they hug the body tightly. Others still feature light-coloured lining so that you can spot any unusual discharge easily, including bloody show, which is a tell-tale sign that baby is about to make his appearance very soon. Why stretch out your favourite underwear when you can buy maternity panties online? They come in a range of colours and styles that are specifically designed to accommodate the changes that the body goes through while you go through pregnancy.

There are different types of maternity panties that you can choose from in the market. A popular style goes above the bump—this is a high-waited maternity underwear cut that provides full coverage over the bump and offers much more support and form than lower cut, below the bump styles. Low-cut or below-the-bump maternity panties, on the other hand, sit right below the belly, which make them ideal for when the weather is too warm for the full-belly coverage of above the bump panties.

When shopping for maternity underwear, the first thing you want to look for is a comfort. Choose fabrics that feel soft against the skin and provide good breathability so as to avoid the sweats, especially during warm days. When entering your final weeks of pregnancy, maternity underwear with light coloured lining is ideal as they help you keep an eye out for bloody show.

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