We begin this week not properly with a fashion consultation, but with a request from one of you that will serve many of you who read me, you have children and you keep taking them to the park. I have already left this stage behind, but certainly an entry of this type would have come in handy in its day, if I had had to stick to the dress code of an office.

Surely some of you know where the shots are going today, but it is better that I include the exact request of Mar, who sends me this message on Instagram:

Hello Adriana. I've been following you for a long time but I don't know if you've covered this topic on the blog: How to have a versatile wardrobe that can be used for the office in the morning and the park with the children in the afternoon without clashing anywhere. Is there such a thing? And thank you for turning everyday fashion into fantasy. All the best.

How to dress from morning to afternoon: from the office to the park

The first premise to consider is, taking into account that the day is going to end in the park, where there is sand, you have to bend down and be aware of the little ones, the comfort and freedom of movement that is going to be required from the tomorrow afternoon . And this is something that begins to take shape from footwear. Then, from there, it can be elevated or relaxed, depending on the dress code of your work, with the rest of the styling elements.

Let's start with the feet, then: unless you want / can carry some sneakers apart in a bag or backpack so when it's time to go to school for the little ones to change shoes, the most practical thing is to opt for footwear that combines functionality and at the same time save the correction required to go to work. The first thing that comes to mind are the loafers, then the brogues or male shoes with laces and finally the ballerinas, in that order. The rest of the iterations, such as slippers, flat mules (for now halftime), babies or flat Mary Janes, can perfectly substitute them. When the cold arrives, Chelsea boots, riding boots or any other style as long as it is flat, can also help us.

If you tolerate low heels and are not too shy about walking with heels on the sand or grass in the park, the high-heeled versions of any of the above may do the trick . The rest of the garments will depend on what you normally wear: tailored pants + shirt + blazer, jeans + blouse / male shirt + blazer, long skirt + blouse + long cardigan, long / knitted dress + blazer ... Raising according to your work circumstances. So that you can see it more graphically, I have gathered some of the formulas that are closest to this concept , concentrating the practicality, comfort, formality and style that are required in the days from Monday to Friday:

Monday: sweater + tailored pants + ballerinas / moccasins

Tuesday: knitted dress + ankle boots / loafers / flat boots

Wednesday: tailored suit + moccasins

Thursday: pinafore + blouse + Chelsea boots / flat boots

Friday: trench / blazer + satin blouse / t-shirt + cowboy + loafers