The Dos And Don’ts Of The High-Waisted Jeans Outfit

Wanting new ideas to style high waisted jeans outfits? We have trawled the fashion blogosphere to bring you inspiring classic, casual, sexy and chic alternatives for your next look.

Once the subject of much ridicule, the notorious mom jean has re-emerged over the last few years to become one of the hottest looks around. Plucked straight out of the 90s, the high waisted silhouette is more popular now than ever before. Don’t be fooled into thinking that this style is stuck in its former heyday, fashionistas have taken the cut and modernised into one seriously hot ticket item.

Given the hideous overtones that arise when you think of the term mom-jeans, great styling is key. Begin by buying a brand new pair of high-waisted jeans from the high street or designer boutique. Alternatively, add your own personal twist to a vintage pair of jeans, found in your mother’s wardrobe or Oxfam. To create a contemporary look, pair your high-waisted jeans with a great top, or shirt, to make you outfit causal, edgy, classic or chic.

  • When choosing shirts consider pinstripes, classic cotton or linen, soft georgettes, buttoned through the front and easy to tuck into high-waisted jeans
  • Consider midriff tops that meet your jeans at the waist to create a fresh and sexy look
  • Wear vests, coats and blazers to add layers to your look.
  • Think about pairing your high-waisted jeans with bodysuits, tanks and camisoles to create a slender silhouette for your outfit
  • Slip on some gold sneakers for a casual look, or a fringed stiletto to add sophistication
  • Play with different washes – dark, light, black or distressed. Try denim on denim- all one colour or mix and match shades
  • Match tight jeans with the classic white Tee for a casual look

To finish the look, consider some of these options to stamp your mark on this style.

  • A belt is a great way to accentuate your waist and the length of your legs – try out the double buckled belt which is hot right now
  • Jewellery helps personalise the look. Add some class by wearing a large gold watch, necklace or bracelets
  • Finish an outfit with a wide brimmed hat in black or tan
  • Tie a scarf loosely around your neck to chic up you look
  • Grab an oversized bag, or one in a contrasting colour to add some drama
  • Wear a moto leather jacket, a long woollen or faux fur coat or perhaps a pinstriped blazer to create stylish looks

Despite their origins, the mom jeans can be easily adapted to any situation- wear these high-waisted jeans right for any occasion, and you are bound to turn heads. Try:

  • Wearing them on a date with strappy sandals and an off the shoulder black blouse that cuts off at the midriff and leave your hair loose
  • Adding an oversized blazer, white tank and a pair of nude coloured heels to work on casual Fridays
  • Shopping in style by adding a pair of gold sneakers, a pin-striped shirt some sunnies, and an over-sized bag to your high-waisted denims for an uber cool look
  • Styling your high-waisted jeans with on a leather biker jacket, black high-waist jeans and a white tee.

Need more ideas to convince you that the high- waisted jeans outfit is for you? Look at how our style bloggers have created fresh, chic, sexy and classic looks of their own.