Congratulations!! Whether you’re jumping for joy, still in a state of shock, or feeling a mixture of both - we’re here to support you every step of the way to help you have a healthy pregnancy.

Make sure you’re sitting comfortably, take a deep breath, and let us guide you through the early days. Here are five things to get your pregnancy off to the best start.

You have started on the journey of growing a person inside you- one of the most beautiful experiences ever. Now that you have embarked on this journey, let me put together a list of things you need to do:

Share this joy - If you’ve been trying to get pregnant, chances are you’re going to be excited and want to tell someone right away, whether that’s your partner, a close family member, or a friend. I am sure your family members would be overjoyed to hear of this good news so share the news and spread the joy. Many people think they have to keep the news of a pregnancy secret until they’re further along, but remember, there are no rules. You get to decide when and if to reveal your pregnancy. So if you want to keep this news a secret for now, that’s your right.

Select your hospital and doctor It is always advisable to go with recommendations from friends and family on a good gynecologist but if you do not get ready references, feel free to look up reviews on similar websites for identifying a set of doctors that you can then evaluate through in person visits. During the duration of the pregnancy, you would be making frequent visits and you do not want to have a taxing commute. Hence do consider doctors and hospitals in the vicinity. 

Once the doctor is finalized, they would recommend a comprehensive medical checkup. Ensure you have a detailed discussion with your doctor on it and take necessary actions based on the results. You would be getting scans and checkups done at a regular frequency here onwards.


Chart out your diet - It is difficult to eat right at this time. Do not worry! This phase would get done real soon. It generally subsides by week 16 if not earlier. However during this time, you could look at options like citrus juices and shakes, bland solids like rice and toast and keep ginger chews and peppermint candies as munchies to maintain good intake.

Once you are over your morning sickness, chart out a plan that has a lot of fresh fruits and leafy green vegetables. Creating a schedule that incorporates a good mix of all the nutrition the body needs helps you follow your food goals more closely.  

As you progress in your pregnancy it is also crucial to have frequent small meals to aid good development of the baby and to avoid other issues like bloating that are common during pregnancy. 

Exercise religiously - While your body may not feel up for exercise, it is a good idea to not slump into a lazy schedule once pregnancy begins. Keeping active during pregnancy has many more far reaching benefits both for the child’s development and for your recovery post delivery. You can start off slowly but should be doing overall 30 minutes that can be broken into 2 slots if required. Yoga is also another very good alternative that helps stretch the body and helps ease the aches and pains that the third trimester may bring in.


Do whatever you love - Pregnancy is a of the life time experience. So enjoy the period immensel. Get pampered and whatever you love. Your peace of mind add sense of comfort and belongingness. It is a good time to get back to reading or listen to music you love or just put up your feet(quite literally) and watch TV. Stay clear of negative thoughts and build up an environment that you want your baby to grow up in.

Bond with your baby- Your partner and you can definitely bond by talking, reading and listening to the baby in the womb. The baby starts recognizing sounds as early as 4-5 months into pregnancy and it is a good idea to talk to them as they would be more receptive to these sounds when they come into this world. Playing the same music while you are preparing to sleep and waking up to the same music would also help build this recognition for the baby. The same music would then comfort them once they are on the other side. Your baby will definitely begin to know you through some activities.

Final countdown- In the 8th month, you can create a list of items to buy for the baby and for you. Do remember not to over buy newborn clothes as babies are of different sizes and you do not want to end up with unused clothes. However, do your research and pick diapers, wipes, nappies, toiletries, towels, swaddles and blankets. Pack your hospital bag with only the essentials and keep it ready to avoid any last minute anxiety.