Bathing is a special bonding time between parents and their newborn, however it can also be a task that seems quite daunting. Once you have had time to build that confidence, and read through our tips, you’ll be bathing that little one like a star!

Bathing is also a beautiful way for partners to be involved in their baby’s care, especially for partners whose baby is being breastfed. It’s an activity which is much more than getting that little one clean, as it helps your baby to feel safe, secure and most importantly- loved!



Most babies love having their baths, however some may take a little longer to find that out! The best time to run that bath is when your little one is calm, happy and not hungry.


The Bathing Essentials

• A baby bath

• At least one clean towel and we suggest a couple of face washes, a cup is handy to have also to rinse their   head and also some cotton balls

• Your choice of baby wash, some say for the first few times water is enough. Pick a wash which is free from nasties such as parabens, fragrance and alcohol

• 2 clean nappies on hand- babies like to wee or poo the minute they have a clean nappy put on!

• Clean clothing such as a onesie

• Nappy rash cream if your baby needs it or if you use it

• Moisturiser or oil if your baby’s skin is dry, they also love a massage after bath time!

How to bath your baby

• Fill the bath with water, use cold first and then add the hot. Check the temperature so it’s warm. There are some great bath thermometers available and you may feel more comfortable knowing the temperature of the water. The ideal temperature is around 37 degrees Celsius

• Undress your baby so they’ve only got their nappy on- they love to do a wee last minute! Wrap them securely in a towel.

• Wash their face using a washer or cotton balls dipped in plain water and then dry with a towel. Avoid using soap or baby wash on their face.

• Take their nappy off and lower them gently into the bath.

• Use baby wash or shampoo to wash their hair

• Rinse their hair with bath water using a cup, it’s easier this way

• Pop some baby wash into the water, only a tiny amount is needed

• Use the face washer to clean the skin folds in their neck, armpits, groin and arms and legs

• Let your baby have some time to kick around and play in the water

• Make sure you’re holding your baby securely, use your forearm to support their head and neck

• Babies also love the feeling of a wash cloth over their belly!

• Dry your baby, making sure you get all those little creases dried. Give them a massage with some natural oil and get them dressed!

Lastly- remember to relax enjoy bath time!