Winter Style: The Fashion Trends 2016-2017Hot spiced drinks, comfy sweaters and crisp frosty mornings– this winter season is all about stepping out in luxurious textures, bold colours and time-honoured silhouettes. Look no further for your winter style guide to 2016/2017. We’ve got you covered for all the essential trends of this chilly season.

Historically, fashion has provided an avenue for women to express their personal aesthetic. In today’s world of infinite choices, this is more relevant than ever.  This year, winter style embraces experimenting with different personas, classic feminine figures and archetypes. Whether your flannel is a throwback to a simpler time, or you prefer to lounge in your best furs, this season’s fashion is sure to inspire new attitudes and perspectives.

  • Oversized trench coats – Get swallowed up in a big, cozy trench for your daily go-to street look. Lighter neutrals such as taupe, beige, cream and heather grey are especially popular.
  • Cord – The scene is set with cord jackets, vests and skirts in navy blue, camel, mustard, burgundy and coffee brown. Black cord trousers are the perfect departure from your standard skinny jeans.
  • Shoulder Cut-Outs – We love the cut-out trend for its unexpected and playful sensuality. This winter season, try a variety of sweaters and dresses with shoulder and arm cut-outs, including leather and button details.
  • Velvet – Velvet adds timeless elegance to any outfit. We especially love velvet in midnight blue.
  • Military Chic – A modern twist on olive green and navy blue jackets feature fun details like high collars, structured shoulders, patches, zippers and metallic buttons.
  • 80’s Fashion – This style is all about volume, bold patterns, bright colours and off-the-shoulder ruffles. Channel your Hilary from Fresh Prince with pointed fuchsia pumps and suit jackets with exaggerated collars and lapels.
  • Girlish Shapes – Pleats, ruffles, lace, and translucent overlays abound. This trend looks phenomenal in a long pleated silk skirt, or a sheer updated version of the button-up collared shirt.
  • Appliques and Embroidery – The thick textiles of the cold season are just the thing to carry heavier details like appliques and embroidery, in romantic swirling florals, sequins and metallics.

During the dark days of winter, you may be tempted to throw on whatever will get you through a rainy day. Spruce up your look by adding these warm and practical accessories. Choose bright, colourful styles to add a pop of colour and upgrade your look in flash.

  • Over-Sized Scarf – A big, soft scarf can double as a shawl or a poncho, and a luxurious cashmere blend can be dressed up or down.
  • Over-the-Knee Boots – Definitely one of the hottest trends in streetwear right now, namely for their versatility. Try a pair in slate grey or deep terracotta over skinny jeans or leggings.
  • Embellished Hair Ties – Chances are, you ditched your scrunchie ages ago. Sleek hair ties of today feature velvet, floral, rhinestones, feathers and sequins.
  • Leather – Accessories like industrial style belts, cuffs and chokers give a shoutout to the menswear trend, and provide a classic edge to any day or night fashion.
  • Ankle Booties – High-heeled ankle booties with fringe, studs, chains and other metallic details are glamourous and low-key cool.
  • Thigh-High Stockings – Make stockings your new cold-weather best friend. Over leggings, tights, jeans or bare legs, these knit socks are charming and feminine.
  • Beanies – The beanie is no longer reserved for laid back and punk styles. These oversized knit hats are everywhere, in a variety of shades and styles to complement any outfit and keep your hair climate-controlled.

On especially cold mornings, it can be super hard to drag yourself out of bed. Combat a case of the blahs by treating your wonderful self. This can take the form of a pear chocolate breakfast muffin with honey butter… Or an especially cute outfit. Looking good can have a tremendous benefit to your mood, and give you the radiant glow of confidence. Here are some of our favourite styles to look and feel brilliant.

  • Pleated Skirt – A pleated skirt, long or short, pairs well with a sweater or cardigan, and can be dressed up or down with sneakers or patent leather sling-backs.
  • Classic Sweatshirt – Praise the comfortable cotton crewneck for its moment of versatility in the fashion world. Many new styles incorporate lace and leather details. Wear it with skinny jeans and over-the-knee boots.
  • Sweater and Miniskirt – An over-sized knit sweater looks playful and comfortable over a denim, leather or cord miniskirt. Add coloured tights and high-heeled boots for date night or drinks with the girls.
  • Night Out – An easy and casual look for dinner and drinks is a fitted mini dress with tights, a moto jacket and a big scarf or shawl. Add a pair of studded ankle booties.
  • Athleisure – Thank goodness we can get away with athletic wear outside of the gym. Float from yoga class to brunch in crimson leggings, a slouchy black beanie, stockings, furry boots and a soft grey sweater with shoulder cut-outs.
  • Holiday Cocktail Party – A simple velvet minidress in burgundy or midnight blue is adorable and perfect with patterned tights. Pair it with an embellished suit jacket.

So, this winter, as you’re wrapping twinkle lights around a blue spruce and wondering how to stay warm on your walk to work or night of barhopping, keep our ideas in mind. Honestly, we’re feeling like anything goes and this is no time to play it safe. What’s your favourite trend this season and how do you make it yours?