Do you see sweater vests all over your timeline? Well, you're not alone! The sleeveless sweater vests are the trend of the moment. Luxury fashion houses like Dior, Gucci and Prada have included these knitted cardigans in their autumn collections. To help you figure out how to combine this trend, we have listed some of the best styles from influencers:

Sweater vest outfit: like a dress

This outfit is a bit different, the sweater vest is worn as an oversized dress. Take an example  how it styles this trend. Combine your oversized cream knitted vest with a white oversized shirt and complete the outfit with black accessories. And how cool are these boots? If you are still looking for boots for autumn or winter, click here for the coolest boots trends of 2020.

Sweater vest outfit: casual look

For men, of course, this trend must not be absent. For a casual look, just like  choose a black jumper v-neck sweater vest, worn on a white T-shirt. Combine this with loose fitting jeans and wear this with Dr. Martens with white Nike socks.

Sweater vest outfit: match with shoes

This outfit is stylish and keeps you warm, perfect for the colder winter days.  The cream coloured cable knit vest with a dark blue jumper, loose fitting dark jeans and finish it off with a trainer that matches your oversized sweater vest.

Are you also in love with the sleeveless sweater vests? We have listed the coolest sweater vests below. Click on one of the knit vests and scroll down a little bit and you'll see great similar items from the same shop and when you scroll down a little bit more you'll see similar items from other shops as well. Shopping has never been easier.