We were lucky enough to catch up with Blair McLeod who is pregnant with baby number 4! She is a blogger based in Nashville, USA and had a chat to us about all things pregnancy and maternity style. Her inspired lifestyle blog and gorgeously photographed world of 'Wild and Precious,' explores style, travel and art. She has written a beautiful blog about her favourite Soon Maternity maternity styles, you can enjoy.

'Officially in my third trimester with baby number 4 and this pregnancy is number 3 of enjoying maternity clothes from Soon Maternity. These two looks were just what I was searching for.'



- What do you love about being pregnant?
I love what my body is capable of. It really is mind boggling that my body was designed to do this. Such a divine mystery that a little human is being knitted together and growing second by second and day by day inside of me.

- What foods are you craving?
Sweet cold drinks. And I try so hard to avoid them! I also always look forward to my breakfast - homemade sourdough and two eggs from our hens. Just the best. I’ve never been so hungry at breakfast then during this pregnancy. I usually add more food to my plate - avocado, fruit, and…. something sweet like a fig bar!

- What will you miss about being pregnant?
I’ll be honest, this pregnancy has been my hardest. I’m so so excited for the baby to get here and also to regain some health and mobility. But I love all the secret things that are just me and my son. How I can feel him rolling around and can tap on his little protruding appendages bumping out of my tummy. His hiccups.




- The thing I most look forward to about becoming a mum again is…
All the special times of just being still with him. Breastfeeding and snuggles. I’m also really excited about watching my current youngest see what its like to have little brother!

- What can you not live without this pregnancy?
A million pillows in my bed (well, 5 or 6 anyway). My maternity overalls from Soon! Also, just gonna be honest - my maternity belt and compression socks.

- Your favourite Soon Maternity style?
I could sing the praises of my maternity overalls forever. I wear them several times a week. They are so comfortable because there is nothing tight on my belly and I still feel put together.




- Favourite beauty products during your pregnancy…
I’ve actually gotten into some DIY  products using essential oils. I made my own facial serum using jojoba oil as a base and added some carrot seed, turmeric, lavender, and frankincense oils that all help with clarifying and purifying the skin and help with dark circles and pigmentation!

- Words of advice?
Go slow momma. You are already a superwoman just growing a baby - you don’t have to “do” anything else. Set your eyes on connecting with your family and with the baby inside of you. Listen to your body, you don’t win by “pushing through” - take time to sit and breathe and be still.