We were lucky enough to chat to the gorgeous blogger and mum-to-be Jessica Morgan on maternity styles, cravings and how excited she is to become a mum! We were so excited when she announced her first pregnancy and would like you to join us in following her glowing pregnancy journey

What do you love about being pregnant?

How incredibly beautiful & special it feels to be growing a human life! I have been seriously lucky throughout my pregnancy that I haven’t had to experience any morning sickness or discomfort so it has just been the most magical experience for me! What women are capable of is seriously incredible!

What foods are you craving?

ALL the sweets!! That old wives’ tale about craving sweets with a girl must be true!!

What will you miss about being pregnant?

I will definitely miss feeling all those precious little kicks and movements! Such an incredible feeling and you’re constantly reminded that you’re never alone wherever you go!


The thing I most look forward to about becoming a mum is..

I can’t wait to experience that instant feeling of love and the fact that you are the whole world to this little human. I’m also really looking forward to experiencing all of those little milestones as she grows!

What can you not live without this pregnancy?

My pregnancy pillow! It has been a lifesaver for getting better sleep towards the end of my pregnancy for sure!

What had been your favourite maternity style?

I love being pregnant and just love showing off the bump in any outfit! There’s something so beautiful and feminine to me about pregnancy and baby bumps! My favourite and go to style is definitely and nice dress that shows off the bump but still keeping it comfortable! I’ve been living in dresses as they are so easy and you can dress them up or down depending on the occasion!


Favourite beauty products during your pregnancy

I have kept it quite simple with my beauty regime since being pregnant and love products with all natural ingredients. My absolute favourite during this pregnancy has been an anti-stretch mark belly balm from Lemongrass House!

Any words of advice?

Drink lots of water and stay as active as you can throughout your pregnancy - as hard as it is sometimes to get motivated! It gives you the energy and makes you feel great! Oh and don’t google any symptoms - nothing but bad news!! Always trust your instincts!