9 Wardrobe essentials every modern working woman must have9 Wardrobe essentials every modern working woman must have

Entering the workforce can be daunting. You want to do well and make a good first impression. Apart from your work skills, the way you carry yourself and how much of an effort you make on yourself, also plays an important role. You must invest in pieces that can likely follow you throughout your entire career. Here are a few must-haves for you.


An business meeting-ready dress

Power Sutra Black Stretch Sheath Dress 

A well-cut dress with room to sit comfortably and thick enough material to be flattering and appropriate is the non-negotiable, unobtrusive savior you'll turn to with relief on many a morning. On the days when you have time to orchestrate elegance and sophistication before a big meeting, it will be an advantage. On the days when you're running late but want all the rewards of elegance and sophistication, there's nothing better.


A nice, professional accessory 

Swisstone Analogue Women’s Watch 

A nice watch might seem like a total luxury in itself, but you’ll never be more grateful for this piece of jewellery at the office. Something about watches and the sort of lifestyle that lends itself to a busy life and makes it one of few accessories that actually succeed in stepping up an outfit to a more polished and professional look in a moment. 


Work-appropriate pants 

Power Sutra Cotton Formal Trousers 

As much as you're going to love a great, nondescript dress to throw on in the morning, you'll likely spend most of your working life living in a pair of pants. This brand truly focuses on workwear and makes pants that are never too tight or informal. 


Low heels 

Pinkwood Block Heels 

If you're going to invest in a pair of work heels, low, block heels are going to make the most sense. You'll be wearing them all day, so you'll want to ditch the higher heels that hurt after the second hour and aren't as unilaterally professional in their own right. Black color means they'll go with more outfits and be less memorable, so you can potentially wear them much more often than a pattern. 


A roomy work bag 

Lavie Tote Handbag 

Needing an organised, professional place to keep your cards, house keys, lunch, ID badge, and the possibility of having to lug your work computer to and from work are all pretty great reasons to invest in a work bag that is both big enough and smart enough to make those tasks easier on you.


A versatile white top

Power Sutra White Flare Poly Moss Top 

If you are a recent graduate, you would not have an advanced rotation of work dresses and impressive pencil skirts. With a nice pair of pants on your roster, inexpensive and white tops are a valuable addition. 


A nice blouse 

Power Sutra Dusty Pink Crepe Top 

A nice blouse is an essential for much the same reason neutral, unoffending, white shirts are. They can be mixed and matched with the rest of your essentials to create a more formal look as necessary. 


A casual dress

Power Sutra Navy Blue Off-Shoulder Dress 

During summers you're less likely to see the traditional work dress on women at the office. A few lighter, more casual dresses are a nice addition. You can have the ease of an acceptable, cute outfit and you can be comfortable at work. Plus, if you have plans after, it's a nice garment piece for transitioning from daytime to happy hour. 

A versatile jumpsuit 

Power Sutra Burgundy Striped Jumpsuit 

Whether it's an interview or a meeting with higher-ups, having a reliable and well-made jumpsuit locked and loaded in your closet is always a nice feeling. They're a magical garment pretty much guaranteed to look good on everyone, and they immediately and quite effortlessly make any attire more formal and professional.