The patchwork trend is back this fall and we've got the best patchwork outfits for you! From denim jeans patchwork to different prints in your dress, nothing is too crazy. What makes this trend so fun is that patchwork is an economical way to make clothing with leftover fabric. This handwork technique was used a lot in the 18th and 19th century and blankets were made from old garments. After the second world war this became more like a hobby where often patterns were exchanged. In the year 2020 patchwork outfits are easy to find online and we have listed the best outfits.

Denim jackets

Patchwork denim jackets are ideal as a transitional coat for autumn. Tip: wear denim on denim, this gives a playful look with a nod to Britney Spears.



These cheerful patchwork blouses should be in your closet this autumn. Since they already stand out, choose a neutral pants or skirt and you'll not go wrong.


Denim patchwork jeans

These jeans are our favorite! They are a little bit different than the average jeans, but that makes them a lot of fun. With these denim patchwork jeans you really make a statement.



With this colorful patchwork skirt  you will definitely attract attention. Would you prefer something more subtle? Then the Levi's denim skirt is the perfect choice, nice to combine with a white crop top and your favorite pair of sneakers.



These patchwork dresses are perfect for a night out. We would choose the first dress for an evening out, of course if this is allowed in your country. The second dress is a very good option for a date night.



These patchwork sneakers should not be missing from this list. With a neutral outfit, these shoes complete your outfit.