Diwali also known as the festival of lights is like Indian Christmas for the uninitiated. As with all things Indian its roots are seeped deep in mythology with many tales regarding its origin.

The festival brings with it religious rituals and ceremonies practiced by countless Hindu families all over the world. But Diwali is much more than just a religious time. Colourful rangolis, resplendent diyas, mesmerising firecrackers, mouth watering food, nightlong card parties, vigorous gift giving and a massive dose of amusement and laughter with family and friends are all the ingredients that make up the recipe for a smashing Diwali.

All of the socialising at Diwali necessitates a shopping spree for Diwali clothes because every seasoned social butterfly knows that Diwali is also the time to splurge and pamper yourself and those around you. Every event requires an outfit and every outfit must be meticulously planned ahead of time. Shopping for Diwali clothes is as much a part of its customs as is gorging on copious amounts of delicacies and being blissfully unaware of the weighing scale. There is no time like the present to get cracking on your Diwali clothes shopping and while you’re at it dropping subtle or not so subtle hints about your Diwali gift wish list for the pieces that you covet but your paycheck and bonus cannot cover.

Look #1

Focussed on those Diwali mornings spent with the family getting in touch with your spiritual side attending religious poojas followed by a long lazy lunch of scrumptious food. It’s prudent to keep your Diwali clothes elegant yet dressy so you’re not over dressed for the occasion. Go the salwaar kameez route with the Striking Red Shirt Collar Suit by Nidhika Shekhar with its draped style front or traditional with the Pretty Blush Pink Saree . Stand out in the crowd of ethnic ensembles and traditional colours by breaking away from done to death styles in the Enchanting Blue Saree by Sougat Paul or the Grey and Peach Saree.

Look 1 - Red Shirt Collar Suit, Pink, Blue and Peach Sarees | Diwali Trends


Look #2

Whether your game of choice is Poker, the good old Teen Patti or something entirely different, no Diwali is complete without some edge of your seat cold sweat inducing high stakes games of cards. While black maybe prohibited for religious ceremonies Diwali parties are the time to get experimental with your Diwali clothes. Pick the Red Embroidered Drape Dress  or the Spectacular Black Jacket Set for some ethnic yet contemporary chic. If you prefer to go more western choose from the Yellow Embroidered Cocktail Gown or the Elegant White Jacket Set . A winning combination of Diwali clothes is always something lightweight to allow for switching gears from cards to dancing or for a quick change of tables if the eye candy at the next one gets better with every hand dealt. 

Look 2 - Red Drape Dress, Black and White Jacket Set, Yellow Gown | Diwali Trends


Look #3

Some celebrate the day after Diwali as Hindu New Year while others believe that New Year and Diwali fall on the same day. Regardless of the occasion the one thing that remains unchanged is the need for some more spectacular Diwali clothes. As this day is still considered a holiday there are social gatherings galore that require one to be dressed immaculately. Those lucky enough to be able to eat to their heart’s content and never put on an ounce of weight can rock the Yellow Cropped Top Set  and those who love their ethnic prints and colours can opt for the Lovely Tunic Set. If you happen to be celebrating somewhere cooler then the Straight Cut Long Tunic Set  with its olive green velvet top with keep you toasty while the Stylish Two Tone Saree  with its monochrome hues, eclectic mix of prints and tassels and its velvet pallu will serve as a functional and tasteful ensemble. 

Look 3 - Yellow Cropped Top Set, Tunic Set and Two-tone Saree | Diwali Trends