Motherhood is an unparalleled experience that calls for the best of everything. Gone are the days when pregnancy was a hush hush affair and the baby bump was something that mothers were required to hide. 

Instead of the traditional layered frump, maternity clothes today are stylish, trendy and follow the fashionista code of conduct of being in vogue with the current fashion season. 

Some of the top maternity trends include classic and subtle patterns. More flowy dresses that are not only comfortable but feminine and elegant are also filling up the shelves. If you are someone who is always looking for reasons to live in oversized tops and leggings, the current maternity fashion has a sassy provision for that as well!

Retain your fashionista status as we, at Zola, help you make the right fashion choice and this time, we will be assisting you with picking the right maternity clothes for a happy, comfortable and stylish pregnancy. 

Maternity Flutter Sleeves Midi Dress

Midi dresses are among the most preferable wear for pregnant ladies. When these dresses are combined with flowy flutter sleeves, the comforts and fashion with ohh-so-amazing feeling overloads. 

They are the must-have clothes to revamp your pregnancy look. You can use them from Day 1 of a special day (pregnancy) to motherhood. They're specially designed to accommodate your growing baby bump while giving it a flattering look at the same time. The best part? You can use these dresses as casual wear to adorn your daily attire, or as occasional wear, simply by combining them with a pair of sneakers and classic accessories.

Maternity Kaftans

Don't like oversized, baggy t-shirts? Looking for easy to wear, breezy comfy clothes? Maternity kaftans are all you need. It's one of the traditional styles but still features in the top modern styles of maternity wear. Kaftans are balloons like tunics with enormous space of movement. It's an ideal choice for expecting mothers to level up their fashion game instantly without any hassle. You can pull off the kaftan look by pairing it with a stylish cross body bag.

Loose, Short Capes, Coats, and Ponchos

During pregnancy, the body temperature naturally goes up and you might feel warmer than usual. However, this does not mean that you compromise on your style and outerwear. 

Coats, ponchos and loose capes can help you elevate your fashion game while ensuring that you get the cool breeze in all the time. These styles are especially useful when your body continues to undergo transformation based on your trimesters and even during your feeding months when you need the comfort of cool and loose clothes. 

Maxi Dresses

Maxi dresses have taken the fashion market by storm and are perhaps one of the best options for pregnancy fashion. The colour and patterns might have undergone numerous changes but the style remains to be one of the most preferred out there. They are easy to wear as well as carry and not to mention, work well in almost every season. During the hot summers, their flowy structure catches the breeze while during the winters, they can be paired with jackets for the warm yet stylish appeal. They are uncomplicated and cozy, which makes them the ideal fashion choices for mommies-to-be.

Maternity Sweater Dresses

Among the wide range of maternity winter wear available in the market, Mommy's all-time favorites are maternity sweater dresses. Pair it with boots and any matching outerwear and you are all set to rock the winter season.

Comfy Maternity Regular Pants

This list of trendy maternity styles is incomplete without maternity bottom wear. So here's the one: Comfy Maternity Regular Pants. 

These pants are your best mates for prenatal yoga, lounging and for the days when you really don't want any clothes to touch your bump. These cozy, stretchy pants allow you to be comfortable and stylish at the same time. We recommend buying cotton fabric regular maternity pants to experience extra comfort. 

There is so much more in the maternity fashion ocean to choose from! These best picks will help mothers-to-be add a dollop fashion pride with the existing radiance and charm of motherhood. From vibrant hues to beautiful patterns, maternity wear is so much more than just a comfort wear, it is a trend on its own.