Okay you guys, the time is almost here when the weather starts to turn colder and layers start to become your best friend! We are making some bold trend predictions based on what gals are really excited about wearing currently and what we have witnessed just start popping up on the scene! Here are our top five Fall 2021 trends to look for:


The last few years, neutrals have dominated the market. And don’t misunderstand me, neutrals are still happening, but COLOR is making waves again. We are so excited to sport bright colored pants, electric sweaters, and colorful pullovers! Color will be worn everywhere from cutie small purses, to statement making blazers. Now that everything we own is in beautiful neutral hues, we need something funky to pair them with! ;)


 We are still loving nostalgia Y2K and 90s styles, and old fashion bandana prints will be the next wave of this time period reemerging on the scene. Expect to see this print show up in a multitude of ways: on jeans, cool accessories, and cute wearable tops. This print is a good mix of funky and edgy while still being girly and cute!


 Color blocking has been gearing up to make a big impact this season! We have seen the start of this trend trickling in and we are obsessed. We love the statement this pattern makes! Expect to see it everywhere this fall with two toned leg jeans, joggers, and unique pullovers! Loungewear and denim will be big players in this trend for sure, it is such an easy way to spice up our everyday wardrobe.


An area that we will see the most creativity and innovation is in the denim category! Bye Bye boring jeans. Different shapes, lengths, colors, and patterns will be showing up everywhere. Not only in the jeans category, but denim dresses, accessories, and jackets will be your new fave look!


Every year, a new animal print hits the scene, and we are excited to say that cow print is the new pattern to hit the streets! Cheetah has dominated the scene the last few years, but this funky new print is coming in hot! We are excited for this western chic style and can’t wait to get creative styling it!

Well babez, those are our trend predictions for Fall 2021! We head to our buying market next week and will report back with even more trends we find! Happy shopping and styling !