Planning outfits based on your zodiac sign can really say a lot about your personality. And if you let your personality shine through how you dress you are bound to feel more confident. Zodiacs sure shape a big part of our personality and how we carry ourselves also depends on that. Many a time when following trends and fads we tend to dress in ways that are not really us. Of course, who would want to dress to feel uncomfortable and not feel like themselves. Let your personality define your outfits and see how much more confident you feel. Every sign has that one unique personality trait that reigns over all others and based on that we at Styl Inc. have compiled a list to help you dress according to that. These outfits are perfect both for casual and formal occasions and are sure to make you feel like you.

Here’s how to curate outfits based on your zodiac sign.

Outfits based on your Zodiac sign – Aries 

aries outfit

Aries, you are bold, unafraid and can mould yourself any and everywhere. Your style can really vary. You can go from the simple basics to crazy colours and prints. You love creating outfits that are sleek yet powerful. Something like a pair of ripped jeans is a must in your wardrobe. However, since you are also bound to gravitate towards the colours and patterns, feel free to go all out. This print on print sleek and unique outfit is so you and is sure to make you stand out. While you might be someone who likes to keep accessories simple, we suggest going a little all out, for that will sure make your personality shine. 


blue pants

Always pragmatic and determined, Taurus you aren’t afraid of being bold and standing out either. So if you are wondering how to dress as your zodiac sign then go for something between pragmatic and bold. Pants are a must in your wardrobe, especially the straight fitted ones. Definitely play around with colours people never know how to work with because that is just you. Monochromatic outfits are also perfect for you and colours like the sage green and powder blue here would surely make you shine. 


Quirky, creative and flexible, that’s what defines a Gemini’s style. You love wearing pieces that can make heads turn. However, only if they are comfortable. You love looking stylish but in a way makes you look and even feel comfortable. You love some good fits and hence some fitted tops, and skirts are a must for your wardrobe. If you are wondering how to dress according to your zodiac sign, then fret not you can easily pull off something quirky. Of course, if you don’t wish to then this sweater and skirt outfit also is very much you. You can definitely add some flared pants to your collection as well, as they’d fit perfectly with your need to be comfortable.


Compassionate cancer, you love elegance. Hence, classic pieces are for you. Go for something where you can show crispness and symmetry. A good flannel shirt would be perfect for this sign for a casual event. Some basic solid coloured straight fit pants are also something you can keep in handy for that truly screams you. Stripes and checks are your thing while also ensuring what you adorn is breathable and airy. So if you are thinking how to dress like your zodiac sign then classic, elegant pieces are perfect for you. 


leo dressing

Fierce, independent and headstrong. You aren’t afraid to speak your mind at all Leo. Much is the case with your clothes, you are always open to experimenting and playing around with your looks. A good ripped jeans, some colourful pieces and prints are perfect for you. Something that will shout that you are confident and not to be messed with easily. Tiger prints are something you’d be able to carry with ease and look bomb while doing it. You also love creating girl boss outfits, so something like this coat, skirt and heeled boots are an outfit you’d shine in. 

Outfits based on your Zodiac sign – Virgo

Known for your love for perfectionism, you too love well fitted, tailored and subtle outfits. You don’t particularly enjoy anything too loud or out there. You love keeping it classic and sticking to your usual style. Basic solids are a must in your wardrobe. Fitted pants and tops as well as those flowy elegant dresses are perfect for you. Even when it comes to dressing for the colder weather you love sticking to cozy knits and a pair of simple jeans. We’d recommend switching to some mom jeans as well since they are very much in trend and would definitely make you feel comfortable. They are definitely your style. Opt for more cardigans, coats and pants and you’d definitely be able to create outfits you’d love. If one were to ask you about wedding dresses based on your zodiac sign, you sure would be the bride who sticks to the traditional reds and greens. And we’d totally agree that that is what you’d look and feel the best in. Talking in terms of Indian pieces, plain silk and georgette sarees are what would be perfect for you. 


The diplomatic and gracious sign of the lot, you love sticking to classics but with a touch of experimentation. You surely enjoy being noticed for your outfits. Hence, when wondering how to dress like your zodiac sign libra, go for something that looks classy and unique. You love your looks to seem luxurious and rich hence the need to stick to them classics without them getting too boring. Your style is ever evolving, some days it’s something other days it’s something else. So there really isn’t a staple that you can keep. Although you do tend to have a fair amount of obsession with the black, greys and navys of the wheel, so maybe keep a bit of all those. Other than that you can really play around with anything, even be it a metallic skirt like this. Moreover, you need to look like the total girl boss you are, we’d recommend having some coats in your wardrobe too. For Indian options some pretty printed salwar kameez are sure for you. 


skinny jeans

You are all about minimalism when it comes to your wardrobe Scorpio. You only have a few favourites that you can re-purpose for years. That’s definitely amazing. Hence for you having some basics is a must. Muted solids, checkered prints, pants, a good fitted jeans, coats etc. we would definitely tell you to play with some colours for your personality can definitely handle that. So step out of your comfort zone and experiment a little, don’t be shy. You are ferocious and independent, so feel free to let everyone know that. Skinny jeans and t-shirts are definitely for you, so keep those in your day-to-day outfits. 

Outfits based on your Zodiac sign – Sagittarius


You love to let your feminine side show. More particularly you gravitate towards simpler silhouettes too. So to answer how you should dress based on your zodiac sign, go for something flowy and girly. Something like a skater dress. You love loose fitting airy stuff too, so add some flowy cotton pants to the mix. Even when it comes to indian outfits based on your zodiac sign anarkalis and loose kurtis would definitely bring out the sagi in you. 


Capricorn you sure are a basic lover. You are not super fond of experimenting. So again the basic colours and pieces are a must for your everyday style. Your style is traditional and you love keeping it cozy. So really layering up is a style you can play with for your outfits. Some plain shirts are also perfect for you to have in your closet and of course a nice long lasting pair of jeans. We’d recommend working with shirts, shrugs, coats and more so you can layer it up and create a cozy comfort outfit that you so love. For shoes, some sports shoes are the perfect fit for you. And for winters, definitely uggs. 


Strong, bold, independent and a strong belief system is what defines aquarius. You love being the life of the party and of course you aren’t afraid of colours. You don’t particularly enjoy following trends but rather creating them. So we say go ahead and keep as many prints and colours in your closet as you please. Print-on-print is something you can surely pull off. Since you love that girl boss part of you we’d say keeping formals handy too.


Artistic and compassionate, Pisces you love letting art shine through you. So find something that brings out that part of you. Some loose fitting shirts, turtlenecks, mom jeans all these were made for you. You can definitely adorn some cute dungarees too. Graphic tees are something you can very well adorn, for you love to spread a message. 

These were some great ideas to create outfits based on your zodiac signs. We hope you loved and enjoyed this and can create some amazing outfits now. For any assistance in wardrobe planning and everyday styling, get in touch with us at Styl Inc.