Wearing White as a 2021 Trend

White is a trend colour this year 2021, which turns out to be excellent news. First, for sure we already have one or another white piece in our wardrobe, which we love, and that this year will help us compose our looks. And, because it is an easy-to-use colour, and it suits almost all of us wonderfully.


These are already good reasons for adopting white during this season. Besides these, white as a neutral colour facilitates adaptation to what already exists in our wardrobe and which is characteristic of our style. I remember that when you see the pink underline, it is because in this link you can find more information about that item, just by clicking.

As we are in the hot or temperate season in much of the globe, we win with the use of white, as it is a fresh and light colour. On the hottest days, it’s up to the colour or tone that we should bet on. These are principles that almost all of us already know, but which are worth remembering.

What we can find in stores (physical or online) at this moment will be a white stain of clothes that can help those who require buying one or more pieces. So I thought to bring some suggestions that can inspire you or help you in looking for something you need. This could be a WEEKLIST for having so many suggestions, but I didn’t want to stop showing them all right now.

For those who already know this project, it is not surprising that the suggested brands are, in some perspective, sustainable, even if they are at different levels of sustainability or who are giving priority to a particular area.

I would like the concept of sustainability not to be confused because a brand is ecological, a brand may have started its path towards sustainability by using social rules throughout its supply and production chain. These brands are those that respect the communities from which are sourced the raw materials until they reach the consumer as a finished piece. This way, it provided fair trade, equal treatment for its employees, who make sure that all those involved had access to dignified and fair working conditions and the deserved remuneration for their performance.

Now let us look at the suggestions, from pants to dresses to blouses and skirts, they are for all tastes and desires.


Woman wearing Gabriela Hearst Chaplin Cardigan