It seems wedding is incomplete without the spice of prewedding in it. It is a celebration of being together. The newness of being in a relationship. Pre wedding shoot captures a lot of many things which gives you different reasons to cherish the memories later. Below given are a couple of reasons to give a rational thought to a pre wed shoot.

Better understanding with your partner. Specially in arrange marriage situation partners get moments that bring proximity between them before their D-day arrives which otherwise would have taken time.

Be comfortable with your photographer. Pre wed helps your photographer to analyze best angles ,positions, and poses that are best for you.
Helps in choosing the best style of photography that suits you may it be candid, portrait, magazine or something else .

Photographs from pre wed used in variety of events. It helps in entertaining the guests that arrive at your wedding through the slideshows, banners, invitation cards sent to them,

Pre Wed photos helps guest to connect at a personal level with the couple seeing their relation with one another ..