Yes! winter has arrived. Chilling wind, full sleeves clothes out from the wardrobe. For new moms, you'll probably get a bit stir crazy with your little one, especially during the cold weather months. Even so,new parents must follow safety precautions. Once the temperature gets below freezing, you shouldn't take your baby out, except for quick trips back and forth to the car. But it's important to safely step outside when you can. 

In the winter season we need to look after extra care for babies especially in case of new born. As they are so young for cool weather, their skin is also very sensitive and soft and that’s the reason that every new mother needs to know about. In this season our skin becomes dry, but babies skin is more sensitive than adults, so we need extra care for them.


Here are winter care tips mentioned below- 

  • Massage with Mustard oil – We all aware about the benefits of massage but in winters it is mandatory, but we should know the correct technique also. Cold and dry air in winter sucks away all the moisture fromm babies skin, making them dry and flaky. Never use cool or normal oil during winters. It can affect a baby's soft skin and there are chances of cold as well, best to take lukewarm mustard oil in a bowl and gently give a massage to your infants.  Rub this oil on their chest and back with soft hands. If babies having cold it will give them relief soon. To keep the skin moisturized you need to massage your baby at east 2 times a day in winters.
  • Breastfeeding is a must -we all know that Breastfeeding is an important part of motherhood, but in winter it is a must because breast feeding helps to maintain babies immune system as there are chances of flu and cold to such a small kid. It is a good source for hydrating skin and body as well.  Breastfeeding is the best immunity booster for babies.
  • Body lotion - Babies skin is so soft and sensitive, in winter It became dry. It is important to use a good body lotion on their skin after bathing. It is good for hydrating a baby's skin as well.  After bath, immediately apply lotion all over the skin.
  • Soft and light blankets - Blankets need to be always there with them, but be sure these should be light in weight but warmer. You can keep a check. There are now these kinds of blankets available everywhere. It should be cozy and soft so that the baby can enjoy it and feel happy and comfortable.
  • Hand wash – yes, Hand wash but this is for the adults who are taking care of the baby at home or the person who came back home from outside. Nowadays due to Covid we already follow these precautions but otherwise we also need to take care of this thing. If anyone from a family member or any other person came to meet a newborn, be sure they should have used hand wash before coming closer to babies. It is important for the hygiene purpose.
  • Sunlight - is the greatest source of vitamin D, an essential nutrient for stronger bones and boosting immunity. After changing the clothes or giving a bath to your baby, spend some time with her in the Sun. The sunlight is also believed to kill germs and provide warmth to the baby's body.
  • Bath time -It is not necessary to bathe them regularly, it could be on alternate days , but keep the baby's body with the use of a sponge or washcloth. Be sure to clean the diaper area regularly to avoid diaper rashes. Keep it clean and dry always.